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Mobile Data Collector Pilot

MDC Pilot

Exerpt from the introduction — The Citywide division of the San Francisco Planning Department conducts a wide range of studies that could benefit from the added efficiency of a Mobile Data Collection platform. With potential to cut out the most time-consuming steps from the traditional “paper, pencil, and clipboard” workflow, the use of tablets and Esri collector seemed optimal to aid in the Public Life Studies that the department continues to perform on increasingly varied spaces across the City of San Francisco.
Switching to a Mobile Data Collection platform, the Department could save time on the data collection setup, allowing more time for analysis and production. With this in mind, Teresa Ojeda and Robin Abad Ocubillo applied for a Friends of City Planning grant in August 2014 to purchase nine iPads for the department. In December 2014, the funding was awarded.

MDC Primer

The Report

“Mobile Data Collection: A Primer” (Gene Stroman May 2014)

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MDC Primer

The Presentation

Delivered at the San Francisco Planning Department in Spring 2015.
Presenters:  Gene Stroman

Download the full presentation [PDF 8 MB]

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