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San Francisco Plazas Public Life Study

San Francisco Plazas Public Life Study

Excerpt from the introduction — This study seeks to understand how plazas function in San Francisco. What is life like in plazas? Who uses them? How much are they used, and when? How do people spend time in plazas? Are there significant differences in usage or users across plazas? How do they compare in context and design? I conducted a thorough public life survey of six plazas in San Francisco, exploring how and by whom they are used. This report outlines the main findings from the survey with supporting analysis, organized under the lens of four parameters I believe are most fundamental in great public spaces:

• Well-used and lively
• Draw users of the local community
• Support various uses, especially social opportunities
• Perceived positively by their users

The report ends with policy and design recommendations for the City of San Francisco and other public space creators/designers to consider for improving these spaces or for future spaces.

San Francisco Plazas Public Life Study

The Report

“San Francisco Plazas Public Life Study” (Stella Kim, June 2016)

Download the full report [PDF 28 MB]

San Francisco Plazas Public Life Study

The Presentation

Delivered at the San Francisco Planning Department on June 10, 2016, 12-1pm.
Presenter: Stella Kim

Download the full presentation [PDF 40 MB]

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