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Playland at 43rd Avenue

Playland at 43rd Avenue / Image by David Leong
Location: 1360 43rd Avenue (between Judah and Irving Streets), San Francisco, CA 94122 show map
Probono Design Services: Perkins + Will
Sponsored By: Friends of Playland at 43rd Avenue, SF Unified School District, San Francisco Parks Alliance, Office of Supervisor Katy Tang
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Sound Abatement Installation

As part of the Monitoring Report action points, a sound abatement installation will take place on December 4 and 11. Please take a look at the diagram linked for details about the installation: Sound Abatement Installation Notice


This project at the heart of the Outer Sunset neighborhood seeks to reuse Francis Scott Key Annex, a San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) currently underutilized site as a community resource for recreation. The project is a partnership between the Friends of Playland at 43rd Avenue, San Francisco Parks Alliance, SFUSD and Pavement to Parks, a City and County of San Francisco inter-agency program that seeks to test the possibilities of underused areas of land by quickly and inexpensively converting them into new public spaces for communities citywide. Each Pavement to Parks project is intended to be a public laboratory for the City to work with local communities to temporarily test new ideas. Materials and design interventions are meant to be temporary and easily reversible, should the trial run demonstrate the need for design changes.

The Francis Scott Key Annex site is an empty asphalt lot of approximately 1.25 acres. The site is not actively used by children or faculty -its building is being used for office and archiving purposes. The Outer Sunset’s community members will temporarily test new ideas to transform this site into an inclusive new space for families, youth and seniors. The new Playland site will offer opportunities for gardening, gathering with neighbors every day or at special events, and it will include a wide variety of play opportunities.

Condition of Francis Scott Key Annex Site as of July 2013:


Above image courtesy of Perkins + Will.



Full timeline:

FSK Full Timeline

Detailed timeline:

FSK Detailed Timeline


Grand Opening: May 7, 2016

05/07/2016: GRAND OPENING
Playland at 43rd Avenue celebrated its grand opening on May 7th with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Supervisor Katy Tang, music and art performances, as well as designers and community members showcasing their work. See the pictures below.

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Work Day: March 19, 2016

A huge thank you to all that came out to the first official community workday. We focused on gardening and painting the play structures as well as the skate area barriers. See the pictures below!

Public Meeting: August 19, 2015

08/19/2015: PUBLIC MEETING
The final public meeting for the Playland at 43rd site was held at Francis Scott Key Elementary in the Auditorium. The meeting was facilitated by Community Boards. At this meeting the community got together once more to evaluate the current design and discuss potential modifications and revisions to some of the programmatic areas. Community members in attendance also discussed stewardship and commitments for the construction and post-construction phase of the site.

Download Supervisor Tang’s Message for 08.19.2015 Meeting.


Please view the updated Design Diagram below or download by clicking the image.


May 14, 2015

05/14/2015: PUBLIC MEETING
The second public meeting for Francis Scott Key Annex Site was held on May 14th at the Sunset Elementary School’s Cafeteria. There was a great turnout and participation from the community in this interactive workshop. Participants worked in small groups and shared their vision through design and programming ideas for the site. Each team built a scaled version of desired uses on the site with expressive materials such as colored clay and craft paper.. The workshop was facilitated by Planning Department and Perkins + Will. Generally, there was agreement that there should be a play area for children, quiet areas for seniors, gardens, spaces for art and for local businesses. You can see some images of the meeting and the teams’ efforts below, and please visit SF Planning’s Flickr for more pictures.

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March 19, 2015

03/19/2015: PUBLIC MEETING
On March 19th, members from the Sunset community gathered to discuss the Francis Scott Key Annex Childcare Site located on 42nd and 43rd Avenue between Irving and Judah Street. The long term use of the site is currently being studied by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) but the Planning Department in coordination with the community, Perkins and Will and the Supervisor’s Office will be implementing a temporary installation at the site in the following year.

The first meeting created a vision map for the types of uses desired. In general, staff heard the following desires for the Annex Site:

  • A place to play for all ages
  • A place to reflect and relax
  • A place to hang out with community
  • A place to enjoy nature
  • A place to be expressive
  • A place to encourage local business

Although we hope to incorporate as many ideas as possible into the design of the site-we recognize that not every idea is possible, but we hope that by working together the design of the site will accomplish many of the desires mentioned above. Below, staff has organized thoughts into the following concepts-with bolded concepts repeated more than once. In the next month we will be holding another community to meeting to test some of these concepts through different place-making activities.


Project Managers:

Ilaria Salvadori

María De Alva

Community Engagement:

Sahiti Karempudi

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