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Museum of Craft and Design Parklet

Museum of Craft and Design Parklet / Image by David Leong
Location: 2569 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94110  show map
Installed: October 2015
Designed by: Bionic Landscape Architecture
Hosted by: Museum of Craft and Design


The Museum of Craft and Design is located on 3rd Street in Dogpatch.  The Dogpatch area is a PDR (Production, Distribution and Repair) District, yet there are a large amount of people who work and live there. The community of businesses and residences along 3rd Street are actively involved in creating a vibrant commercial district along the 3rd Street Corridor. Along with the T-Third line that travels directly down the middle of the street, there are new businesses, recreation and living opportunities popping up all along the street. The Dogpatch neighborhood is vibrant and thriving, yet it is sorely lacking public open space to accommodate its rapid and dynamic growth.


By animating 3rd Street with a park and pedestrian presence, MCD provides a safe, communal place for people to engage with one another in the public realm. MCD actively explores the role craft and design plays in our everyday lives and is an environment for experiencing innovative contemporary work that engages the community while stimulating the creative potential in peoples’ lives. MCD believes the parklet helps foster the involvement of the public in this mission.

Bionic Landscape Architecture designed the parklet.  3rd Street is a corridor of movement, so the parklet responds to that in a few ways.  Stout and heavy materials such as metal and CMU block form benches that run the length of the parklet, orienting views through the glass wall of the museum into the exhibitions and museum.

The parklet responds to the movement corridor in a kinetic way with a lenticular graphic, or an image in motion, that transforms with the traffic traveling down the street. As one moves in a car, on the T-Third, bike or walking, the parklet engages the viewer to come and investigate it more closely. It is a cue that things are going on there. The graphic provides an opportunity for community engagement and participation, as it can change to become a public art opportunity, involve the community, or display information.


The parklet was funded by the Museum of Craft and Design.


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